Refuse and Recycling
The council collects refuse from private households in the village normally early on Friday mornings.  Outlying dwellings are subject to a different schedule.  Black bag and blue bag collections are made on alternate weeks.

Bottle Bank
There is a bottle bank in the village, situated beside the bus stop, by the Angel Inn, on the quarry road, toward Edwinsford.

Recycling Centre
There is a good recycling centre in Llangadog.  It is called All Wastes and provides many services and products over and above private households taking anything that won’t go in the blue or black bags to them.

All Waste’s address is The Old Sawmill, Llangadog. Telephone: 01550 777988.  Directions from Llansawel are given below.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday                8am until 5pm (6pm in summer)
Saturday and Sunday         10am until 4pm    

To know more about All Wastes’ services click HERE

You can reach Llangadog either by going to the A40 roundabout at Llandeilo and back up the A40, or you can take the back roads from Taliaris.  You will see the turning for Llangadog on your left.  (Be warned there are no direction signs on the succeeding turnings.)  Continue along the lane until you come to a T junction.  Turn left.  Continue to the next T junction.  Turn left.  Continue until you reach the A40 Llangadog roundabout.  (On the way back, watch out for a junction with a dotted white dsytopp-line on your left – that means that your turning (also with a dotted white stop line) is coming up on the right.  Continue to the next junction, and turn right.  This will bring you back to the Talley road, where of course you turn right.

From the Llangadog roundabout, take the Llangadog exit.  The recycling centre is just beyond the railway line, on the left.  Opening hours:

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