St Sawyls

St Sawyls, viewed from the churchyard gate.

St Sawyls, viewed from the churchyard gate.  The edge of the tiny vestry building can be seen on the right.

St Sawyls or St Sawel Church is the oldest of the three places of worship, and probably the oldest building of any kind in the parish, with a tower dating back to the fifteenth century.   The building was heavily restored in 1886 by the Rev Charles Chidlow.  Significant repairs were carried out around 2000 under the last vicar Canon Jo Penberthy.  The reredos was added in 1890 as a memorial to Sir James and Lady Williams-Drummond of Edwinsford.    The vestry, now disused, is a separate building in the churchyard and was at one time used as the village’s schoolroom.  There is a short historical essay on the church by a former vicar, Daniel Thomas, in the historical section of this website.

Services at 2.30pm on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each  month.

For more information, please contact Wil Jones Ffosgotta Farm, tel: 01558 685201